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Phillip Neiman, Esq. has been a full-time mediator and arbitrator since 2004. He spent the prior decade as CEO and General Counsel of an investment bank. Phil has mediated over 1,600 cases in his career, ranging from securities, commercial and business disputes to employment, real property, insurance and personal injury matters. He has substantial experience resolving disputes in the cannabis sector. Based in San Francisco, Phil mediates throughout California and is available to hear cases nationwide.

Phil is a member of the following organizations:

  • California Cannabis Industry Association

  • National Cannabis Industry Association

  • International Cannabis Bar Association



Mediation Expertise
Financial Markets
Intellectual Property
Personal Injury
Real Property

Select Testimonials

People get heated in these sessions but Mr. Neiman has a way about him that allows him to hear everyone out, reflect back to them what he has heard, and then engage the other party regarding what was said. Over the course of the mediation, you can literally see the air in the room change as aggrieved parties feel heard regarding their case.
— Defense Counsel in Real Property Case
I appreciate that you do not take a cookie-cutter approach. In our case, you adapted the mediation to what was best for the parties. By listening to the parties and encouraging them to trust each other, you helped them find an amicable resolution.
— Plaintiff's Counsel in Cannabis Dispute
You did a great job yesterday, thanks for all of your hard work. My client put it best: ‘That guy knows his sh*t.’
— Defense Counsel in Financial Markets Matter
You succeeded in bringing about a positive result that had evaded other experts in your field. Your professionalism, sense of justice and morality in this process were appreciated by all.
— Plaintiff's Counsel in Family Partnership Dispute